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Ingredients for
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Our functional ingredients for the development of bakery and pastries products. Clean Label solutions, French origin guaranteed, available as ORGANIC.



Traditional bread
and speciality breads

Cakes and

Yellow doughs
and products with
a creamy consistency


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Améliorer la densité nutritionnelle des produits

We have a wide range of nutritional flours which are easily incorporated into all types of food product and which adapt to many applications.

Total or partial REPLACEMENT OF EGGS

Historically, ground flax is used in vegan diets as an alternative to eggs. It is one of the most effective plant-origin ingredients to use as an egg substitute due to its emulsifying capacity and its texturising properties. Its balanced composition of proteins, fibres and fats gives it properties similar to those of eggs. The replacement of eggs is particularly effective in yellow dough products, creams, and more generally for all cakes and pastries (cakes, muffins, brioches, pancakes, crêpes or pancakes, etc.). Total or partial replacement with flax-based ingredients makes it possible to reduce the cost of the recipe significantly whilst maintaining the product’s organoleptic and nutritional properties.



Nutri-functional ingredient – 100% flax.

Creaminess and hydration

Soluble flax fibre has texturising properties and a high water retention capacity giving it the ability to store humidity and maintain a creamy, moist structure. It also makes it possible to provide viscosity for the dough and a greater freshness. Flaxseed flours are therefore the natural solutions for substituting texturising agents such as fatty acid mono- and di-glycerides. They are especially advantageous for bread, industrial viennoiseries, cakes and biscuits with a velvety texture or other bakery products.



Nutri-functional ingredient – 100% flax.


Nutri-functional ingredient – 80% field bean/20% flax.

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With its high protein, fibre and fatty acid contents, flaxseed flour has natural emulsifying effects. It makes it possible to bind the various elements of a mixture to each other and obtain a flexible homogeneous texture. Flax is an alternative to lecithin, glycerine and Arabic gum for bakeries, viennoisierie and pastry products. It also limits phase shifts as a result of its affinity for the various preparation phases and the capacity of the fibres to form a structural net.



Nutri-functional ingredient – 100% flax.


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