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Nutritional Improvements:

Our solutions are developed to take advantage of the nutritional potential of protein-rich oilseeds.


Proteins are amongst the macro-nutrients that are essential for the body to function correctly. They can be provided via products of animal origin (meat, milk, eggs, fish, etc.) and by plant products.

These days the trend is towards diversification of protein sources, with the reduction in animal-origin protein intake in favour of plant proteins. In particular, this makes it possible to reduce the carbon footprint and develop more sustainable sources. Flax or even pulses are plant sources that are particularly rich in proteins, which is why our ingredients contain up to 35% protein. So they are incorporated into our recepies as an additional protein source whilst also providing lipids, fibres and functions (binder, water retention, softness, etc.). Protein provision is also one of the positive levers for the Nutriscore, enabling it to be improved.


Product advantage - Source of protein

Source of protein

Product advantage - High protein

High protein

Product advantage - Suitable for vegetarians

Suitable for vegetarians

Product advantage - Nutriscore improvement

Improvement of
the Nutriscore

Product advantage - Plant-based proteins


For which types
of product?

We have a wide range of nutritional flours which are easily incorporated into all types of food product and which adapt to many applications.


Do you want to formulate a product rich in proteins that are entirely or partly of plant origin, without unpleasant tastes and with good bioavailability? Discover our protein-rich references.


Nutri-fonctionnal ingredient – 80% field bean/20% flax.

Flaxseed flour

100% yellow flaxseed flour.


Nutri-fonctionnal flour – 50% buckwheat/50% flax.

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